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One Of The Best Coffee Spots

Η ιστοσελίδα OPUMO ανάρτησε άρθρο σχετικά με το κατάστημα μας στο οποίο γίνεται αναφορά τόσο στο design του όσο και στην ποιότητα του καφέ μας. Το άρθρο αναφέρει:

One Of The Best New Coffee Spots In The World: Black Drop Coffee Shop

We’ve come a long way from the gritty granules and the filter coffee drinks machines of the last decade. Today, coffee consumption is at an all-time high. But, despite the number of high-street coffee chains and home-ready makers, it’s still all-too-easy to get a bad cup of coffee. However, there is a number of new-wave cafes around the world that are going against the grain and are making it easier to ignore corporate coffee to offer a great tasting cup in an even better location. And the latest has just popped up in the centre of Kavala, a city located in northern Greece. Black Drop Coffee Shop is an alternative coffee break. The Black Drop is a coffee shop is not treated as a one-stop-shop but more of an experience, and the interior of the coffee shop, designed exclusively by ark4lab of Architecture, has been devised to reflect the simple idea of sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee away from the rest of the world.

Inside Black Drop Coffee Shop a stand built of mosaic becomes an interactive space for informing and exchanging views on the art of coffee. While materials such as brushed copper, terrazzo, exposed concrete, rusted metal and worn-wood give the sense that you are part of a laboratory where you can act and react to the products in the planning. Elsewhere, a wooden platform built in levels and positioned towards the city’s ‘Kapnergaton’ square removes its boundaries with the exterior transforming the coffee shop into an urban space that is ideal for socialising. The shop’s urbanity is also complemented by another wooden parametric structure that allows users to sit and enjoy their cup in a number of different ways.

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